Motivational Monday !

The other day I was talking with my colleague at work. In the course of the conversation, I said I am going to walk up to so and so person everyday, until such a time when finally he gives me what I want, just so that he can shut me up.

My colleague laughed and said I was talking like Les Brown. I hadn’t heard about this person before. So my colleague pulled over the video in youtube and played the part where Les talked about his attempts at becoming a disc jockey.

Click on the link — Watch the portion from 28:12 to 33:00.

I found his thoughts inspiring and checked some of his other video out over the weekend.

One thing which he said that stuck a chord with me was along the lines that… “Making 1 million dollars was the easiest thing to do. Beliving that it could happen to me was the toughest”.

I think that’s really the toughest thing to do. To belive that one’s destiny or fate is not jinxed, to not procastinate or come up with excuses  and to get up and continue everytime one fall’s down. Simply put I guess one fails only when one decides to give up. Of course writing these words, preaching others is much easier than practising :).

But I hope that some of you reading this will find it inspiring.

Another story show casing human will/mind over body was of Janine Shepherd. To know more on how she dispproved medical science and overcame crippling disability, click on the link below.

Watch her story by clicking the link.


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