The Haunted Mansion

This is an entry for the  Friday Fictioneer‘s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Open to all , ready to rack the right side of the brains!.

The objective is to write a 100 (word limit is not rigid) word story based on a photo prompt.

My story follows the photo prompt below

Copyright –Kent Bonham

Genre: Fiction

The Haunted Mansion

 He inherited the mansion, its surrounding estates and riches. Yet had none to assuage his lonely heart.

The thought of jumping off the mansion occurred to him quite often. Many a time he climbed to its roof but vertigo got the better of his intention as he neared the ledge.

A split second before he drifted away, he saw the tall mansion rise before him and smiled at having tricked his nemesis. As simple as falling in bed on one’s back.

Aila screamed “Master has fallen down call the ambulance”


** I am not sure if the story comes out clearly so adding a bit of an explanation 🙂
Nemesis here refers to his vertigo problem. He avoids it by jumping off the ledge backwards i.e. like falling into bed on one’s back, so as to avoid looking down from the top of the mansion and trigger a vertigo incident. Bit of a stretch on the imagination possibly?

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41 thoughts on “The Haunted Mansion

    1. more like a deliberate attempt.. like falling on the bed with ur back turned to it, so that he didn’t have to see below and avoid a vertigo experience ! 🙂

  1. Sounds as though the house got him in the end. And it looks so lovely!!

    Two small things–“occurred to him quiet often. Many a times”–“quite” and “time”. 🙂


    1. Janet, Thanks for spotting the errors ! 🙂 u remind me of my physics teacher in school ;). i used to carelessly forget to mention the units of measurement and other stuff in my lab record and she would mark the errors with a red pen.. my entire record used to be filled with red marks after correction 😀 ! it did the trick ! i improved 🙂 final exams not a single mistake on my part ! 🙂 😀

  2. Hi Shreyank – an interesting story. I like the idea that the thing that stops him from killing himself is his nemesis – normally the nemesis would be out to kill you! I really enjoyed this 🙂

  3. I wish I had time to read all the comments. I agree with Bjorn here – that maybe the building was just waiting for the right time? Wanting to be his only love and unable to fulfill that roll – finally let him go.

    Thanks for your visit. Glad you are enjoying ‘our’ tale.

  4. I thought I’d be the only one to get a jumper out of this but there were a few. This is very well written. You really brought us into the head of a sympathetic character committing what (to the reader) seems an inexplicable act.

  5. I liked the image of the tall mansion rising before him as he fell with his back to the ground. These buildings seem to be out to get people. No appreciation for the people who clean and care for them.

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