Why a God?

This post is just an argumentative write up, may not be coherent or present a sound rationale. This post doesn’t and will not argue about the existence of a God. Rather it’s just a musing as to why the existence of God is probably a good idea.

So here goes..

Humanity in my opinion as a whole can be generalized to be seeking the following –

  • Happiness – Duh! No points for guessing. Everybody wants to be happy. Each one is seeking happiness in their own way. For somebody it might be making a lot of money, for others playing and wining a game on xbox, for a scientist it might be about finding a cure for cancer and for a child maybe eating that bowl of ice cream or sugar candy would suffice.
  • Somebody to share it with – Barring a few maybe none of us want to be happy in silos. We would rather share that happiness with others. Whether with friends, family members or that loved one.
  • To feel loved – One of the innate urge of humanity is to want to be loved unconditionally, to be loved for what one is, as is, to be taken care of by someone.
  • The happily ever after – Weaved into the urge for happiness, the wish to be loved and the wish to share it, is the desire for it to continue endlessly. Countless fairytale stories and movies have been spun on the theme of happily ever after. A lot of those have more or less appealed to a wide range of audience, reflecting the deep cravings of humanity.

If we were to ponder on these points then we would come to some conclusion. Happiness that humanity seeks changes constantly. Meaning as a child one is happy just playing with some toys, dancing and running around mindlessly, as a child grows up the definition of what makes it happy changes as well. As we grow up there is an urge to find a soul mate, a wish to live surrounded by our loved ones happily onto eternity.

From a rational and practical point of view, human existence being mortal in nature means that these desires can never be fulfilled.

This is where the existence of an immortal God and an idea that all humans beings having a soul seems to not only be a good idea but a need that would satisfy these desires. In the existence of God is the possibility of eternal happiness and a loved one to share that happiness with.


“I will give you a talisman. Whenever you are in doubt or when the self becomes too much with you, apply the following test: Recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man whom you may have seen and ask yourself if the step you contemplate is going to be of any use to him. Will he gain anything by it? Will it restore him to a control over his own life and destiny? In other words, will it lead to swaraj for the hungry and spiritually starving millions? Then you will find your doubts and your self-melting away.”

I remember flipping through countless pages of text books through my schooling, but scarcely what I read in them. The Mahatma’s talisman printed of the first page of every text book though remained etched in my subconscious.  I have had great reverence for the Mahatma. Unifying a population of one billion odd countrymen divided by cast, creed, religion, dialect to fight for a common cause, I felt was an extraordinary feat. He did this in a day and age when the means of communication were at its infancy if not primitive by current standards. He didn’t have any of the social media at his disposal and neither was traditional media so prevalent in the pre independent India. However those words in the talisman I felt were a bit utopian.

Scarcely could I have imagined that they would come to my rescue when under the severest trials. My life had traversed an average curve. A mediocre academic record at school, I went on to finish my graduation and got into a job/career which I neither liked nor despised, but one which allowed me to lead a comfortable life. I moved out of my family nest a couple of months into my job so as to be able to spread my wings. My parents weren’t happy with the decision of their only child. Soon I was living the ‘life’. Just managing the bare minimum at work and partying hard afterwards. My visits back home became scarcer as days flew by. Rare occasions of my visit, evoked a sense of bewilderment.

Life took a sudden turn when the monsoon set it. A frantic call from my cousin broke the news of my father passing away. I was stunned not knowing what to make of it. My father had planned well for the family. We weren’t in any financial strain. I had to give up my bachelor pad and move back home. Up until this time I had lived a care free life. Suddenly I felt a dread of not being able to take care of my mother, in spite of nothing evidently suggesting that financial we wouldn’t be able to make it. Responsibility I realized was more of a physiological thing. My weekend life ebbed away and so did my fair weather friends. Sharing booze and drags evidently meant something only if one marked constant attendance at the weekend gatherings. Moving out of my parents’ house and the subsequent passing away of my father hit me hard. Though unrelated, the feeling of guilt lingered on. My mother was inconsolable and I seemed to be of little help in assuaging her heart.

A few months on the monsoons set in with full force. With clock work like precision the rains always seemed to time with my travel to and from office. My personal situation mattered little to the organization; they weren’t in the mood to put up with my sloth. I was given an ultimatum to buckle up or get out. Subsequently I started putting in long hours to meet my deadlines but the pile of work never reduced.

I still remember that day, etched as it will be in my conscious forever. I had missed my quarter closing deadline. My boss was furious, he yelled with all his might, just stopping short of choking me to death. He threw me out of his cabin asking me to be ready with my bags packed. As I headed back home the sky tore open, it poured the heaviest that I had ever seen. The roads got clogged and the traffic came to a standstill. Traversing every inch of my way back home increased my resentment with life. I had to trudge the last mile home with a flat back tyre. Life seemed meaningless and hollow. Instead of getting down on the 3rd floor and reaching my home, I took the lift to the top floor and climbed the final flight of stairs to the terrace. I pushed open the terrace door and walked towards the edge of the terrace wall. It was the first time I had ever come to the top. As I stood there contemplating on a jump that could possibly end my misery, I was transfixed by what I saw. The road which I had just trudged through was clogged with heavy traffic, it was still pouring hard. But it all seemed beautiful from the top. As the signal lights changed to green, the vehicles scrammed across the road, the headlights, indicators and the stop signal coupled together formed a dazzling array, dimming at the frag end of horizon as my eyes followed them. The honking no longer irritated my ears, the distance softened the decibels. Weaving itself into the pitter patter of the rain drops they now created a symphony. Tears rolled down my cheeks; mixing with the rain drops they dissolved all the anguish, resentment and hollowness from my heart. As I looked down I saw Ani draped in big polythene sheet cut out from a garbage disposal bag prancing around in the rain. It reminded me of Gandhiji’s talisman and I knew that jumping off would mean a waste of my life. I resolved at that moment that I would face life as it came and help Ani to the best of my abilities.

Anirudh Venkatachala Reddy was a feisty young boy. His parents were construction workers. Their dwelling place was the construction site. Their home consisted of make shift shelter built out of stacking bricks and tin sheet to be used for future construction. As the buildings they helped construct neared completion their bricks got used. As the buildings got done their house got torn down and it was time for them to move on. Our building was almost nearing completion and hence Ani’s house had shrink from the 8 by 8 feet to a 6 by 4 dwelling. Yet Ani remained happy, unperturbed by the changes in his circumstances. Ani came across as a confident boy. The resident community knew Ani very well since he always made an effort to interact with them while they went on their walks, or passed by on their way to or from work.  His parents didn’t send him to school yet he had on his own picked up words of the English language. With a big grin on his face, good heartedly he would shout to the residents “How are you doing?” When some of them replied back in English, Ani would enquire what the sentence and words meant. So on and so forth the boy worked tirelessly to gain a grasp of the language. He also was inquisitive about the world at large. He asked the residents where they worked, what they did at their work, what it meant etc. For a kid with no access to formal education Ani was quite knowledgeable.

That night I worked tirelessly from home and finished my closing reports and mailed it to my boss. I wasn’t sure if I would be left with a job the next day but I slept soundly. To my surprise I didn’t get kicked out of my job the next day. My boss was impressed with the report that I had sent out and decided to give me another chance with a stern “One more mistake and you will be on your back” threat. I made friends with Ani and persuaded his parents to send him to a nearby school run by an NGO and assured them of all financial support for his education. I spent my after office hours and early morning teaching Ani math, science and English. Ani waited every evening at my apartment gate for me to step in and start the class. I brought him some savory dishes like samosas and pakodas, dishes that most privileged children take as their birth right. But Ani wouldn’t take a bite out of it until I had finished his class. He never asked me to stop the classes, never got bogged down if he got a math problem wrong, never showed any resentment as I repeatedly reproofed his grammar and pronunciation. His eyes shone with the hunger for knowledge even though he had sparse food to satisfy the hunger of his belly.

Six months later one day when I stepped back home from work. My mother handed me a ragged looking necklace and piece of paper. “Ani’s parents moved out today. He pleaded with them to stay till he could meet you in the evening. But they had to catch the train in the afternoon. He left me this necklace and a letter” she said

“I thank you for all that you have done for me. I am sorry I couldn’t stay. I have noted down your house address. I will write you a letter soon” – Ani

It was a terse two liner but it left me with a mix of emotions. I was glad he was able to write it on his own but saddened that we couldn’t say our goodbyes personally.

I waited for his letter but it never came. I don’t know what happened to Ani. But whenever I was confronted with a challenge in life I recalled his shining eyes and I got the strength to move ahead.


now let me know [dot] com

So there was this guy and he wanted to propose to this beautiful gal. He went to the flower shop and brought some roses, next he stopped at the chocolate shop and brought some chocolates. He then wrote a letter and dropped the package at her door step. Rang the doorbell ! and ran away. She opened the door and picked his package. She  looked around as far as she could to see who it was that had rung the bell. When she couldn’t see anybody she closed the door and went inside.

The boy kept wondering if she had read the letter or what she felt ! But he could never know !

None of us want to be that boy ! do we ? Only to be left in agony and pain. 

The way out – Usher in technology !

Want an innovative way to pop the question.. “Do you love me ?”

Act cocky.. “Whose your Daddy ?”

An interesting website built by my friend let’s you do that ! Here in the link.

The fun part is the person you send the question to cannot press No ! Just register in a few easy steps.. upload a background image, customize the question and the answers and have fun.

The add-on, the website doesn’t leave you wondering if the person opened the link, which option did they try to press first etc. Once the person opens the link and tries to press Yes/No or any of the customized messages. The website stores all the info which can be viewed in your user profile.

Whether it’s your loved one, a friend, or a sibling.. you can use the website to have fun ! Go on try it out !  http://nowletmeknow.com/

Those of you who try it out,  let me know your feedback.


Taming the buhh-faa-looo ! :)

I had gone for lunch last weekend with my bro and a friend. Talks turned around some incidents during the childhood and engineering days. As we spoke about the cats and dogs at my native. I rembered this incident that occured during my engineering days.

It must have been a weekend or a study holiday and I was staying at my home town. I had finished my breakfast and was sitting on the veranda. My uncle murmmerd something about the buffalo being unwell and the vet refusing to come down and that he was now gonna have to take the buffalo out to the vet.

As I sat soaking the fresh air, my uncle turned up holding the buffalo’s horns with his bare hands ! The buffalo tried to get away from him but he had an iron clad grip on it ! As I tried to digest the irony… he asked me to hold the buffalo for him as he went to get something else ! Before I could grasp what he was asking me to do… the buffalo sensing its freedom ,leaped over the compound wall and ran off merrily down the road. I was stunned and ran behind it.. not knowing how to catch hold of it !

As the buffalo ran amok, a school boy was coming along the opposite direction of the road. I was half worried about the big buffalo running him down, but to my surprise he got down from his bicycle and using it as a shield stood firm against the buffalo ! The buffalo stopped as soon at it reached the blockade, it tried to get past him by passing him off from the left and the right, but the boy stood his ground and blocked the buffalo using his bicycle ! After some 2 – 3 mins of this rubgy match the buffalo gave up and the boy won.

I was amused that a school boy had outwitted me in the methods of taming the buffaaalooo ! 🙂




Motivational Monday !

The other day I was talking with my colleague at work. In the course of the conversation, I said I am going to walk up to so and so person everyday, until such a time when finally he gives me what I want, just so that he can shut me up.

My colleague laughed and said I was talking like Les Brown. I hadn’t heard about this person before. So my colleague pulled over the video in youtube and played the part where Les talked about his attempts at becoming a disc jockey.

Click on the link — Watch the portion from 28:12 to 33:00.

I found his thoughts inspiring and checked some of his other video out over the weekend.

One thing which he said that stuck a chord with me was along the lines that… “Making 1 million dollars was the easiest thing to do. Beliving that it could happen to me was the toughest”.

I think that’s really the toughest thing to do. To belive that one’s destiny or fate is not jinxed, to not procastinate or come up with excuses  and to get up and continue everytime one fall’s down. Simply put I guess one fails only when one decides to give up. Of course writing these words, preaching others is much easier than practising :).

But I hope that some of you reading this will find it inspiring.

Another story show casing human will/mind over body was of Janine Shepherd. To know more on how she dispproved medical science and overcame crippling disability, click on the link below.

Watch her story by clicking the link.

Thank You Facebook !

I am writing this post after a long long hiatus. In fact I had to reset my password to get access to my blog.

The title of the post needs no introduction at least among Gen Y. Having a facebook account has become a  way of life of sorts. As Facebook turned a decade old I remembered my humble beginings with it. I had an account with Orkut but never bothered much about Facebook. I got a couple of request back then to join Facebook but  laziness or otherwise I never felt interested.

I was not into the whole facebook thing up until the time one of my good friends went to US for higher studies. When this friend put up pictures and sent a invite and that’s when I opened an account to check those pics. But soon enough I was hooked to all the lik ‘ing and comment’ ing.

Now, a day doesn’t go by without me checking out my facebook page. Of course I must say I am not an addict. I rarely spend more than 5 mins a day. I just scroll down the page reading the updates, liking the photos and commenting where I feel like and that’s it ! I often wonder how people spend hours go up and down the wall page 😉 :).

My best friend and myself have argued over the merits and demerits of it. At times we felt the most intimates moments meant to be private were put up for display, we argued whether keeping in touch over fb at all gave a continuum to the relationship/friendship and at times we just laughed at the ludicrous updates we saw coming up on our page. All in all the topic definetly gave us something to chat over ! 🙂

The other day when I accepted a friend request,  I clicked through some of the fb movie links that were shared, some of them had come out really well, potraying the life time of friends and family members. I went through the photos that I had put up, the photos that my friends had tagged me in and it put a smile on my face. It transported me to the wonderful moments spent with family members and friends in my life. Recollection of incidents long forgotten, buried deep in the subconscious re surfaced. Some of the friendly banter on status updates and pics of a by gone era were fun to re read and it made me feel that the medium had indeed connected people and allowed for true friendship’s to continue surpassing the barriers of geographies and time zones. Of course our friend list might run in 100’s, maybe some in 1000’s or 10000’s. Do we really know each of them well enough one might ask ? But that’s not the point. Ultimately what matters, is it allows us to keep in touch with those who matter :).

Of course true friendship can span across all barriers for such relationships are formed unconditionally. Best buddies may not be able to connect for months at a time but the very next time they pick up the call it feels as if the void of time and space never existed. I am sure many would agree to having experienced this in the their own life :). Friendship is one of those blessed things in life that money can’t buy. It can’t be forcefully accquired, it can be given of its own accord.

So as Facebook turns a decade old I guess I have to thank it for helping me keep in touch with those whom I care about but are now seperated by the barrier of time and space. 🙂

Felt like heaven

This is an entry for the  Friday Fictioneer‘s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

I submitted my last week story yesterday and am submitting this week’s story today ! (well it’s not a story actually). Hope to read a lot more stories this week 🙂

Constructive suggestion/feedback are welcome !


My story follows the photo prompt below

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

It felt like heaven

 It felt like heaven when mom hugged me and said it would be okay

when I finally managed to ride the bicycle on my own

when I scored a six of the last ball to win the championship for my team

when I got down on my knees and she said yes

when I saw her face at the airport after a long voyage

when I held my little princess in my arms

when I saw my little princess take her first steps

It felt like heaven when I had loved ones by my side to share the joy and misery of life


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The Journey

This is an entry for the  Friday Fictioneer‘s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Well I am late with my entry for last week ! I couldn’t read any of the stories, will try and make amends in the coming week.


My story follows the photo prompt below

Copyright –Anelephantcant

The Journey

Mother refused to sell off the rustic bicycle. She would smile and reminiscence about the bygone.

Doggedly she had bicycled for kilometers through the village to reach school everyday. It stood as a picture of the many romantic rides with her father. She would sit on the cross bar while he would ride the bicycle, his hands protectively wrapped around her.

After his passing, Ma said it gave her the strength to carry on the journey alone. But her young daughter couldn’t understand the sentiment.

Once her mother passed away she understood the bicycle. Of the strength it gave her to carry on with the journey alone.


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This is an entry for the  Friday Fictioneer‘s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Open to all , ready to rack the right side of the brains!.

The objective is to write a 100 word story based on a photo prompt.


My story follows the photo prompt below

Copyright – Randy Mazie


The old town of Anega was feared for its barbaric warrior tribe. They feared neither god nor nature. Not even death. But the old witch inside the forest struck terror in their hearts. Legend had it that the grand old chieftain of the tribe had stuck a deal with the witch.

When Aurper Jr. took over the reins he decreed that peace offerings be stopped and went personally to fetch her head.

Before the fight could start she turned him into a goat. When Aurper Jr bleated for mercy, the witch pronounced that death would be his reprieve.


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Always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

This is an entry for the  Friday Fictioneer‘s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Open to all , ready to rack the right side of the brains!.

The objective is to write a 100 word story based on a photo prompt.


My story follows the photo prompt below

Always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars

Ever since he laid his hands on the Batman comics, he was obsessed with creating bat wings for humans.

It will revolutionize human transportation… It will be an adventure sport – ‘Come fly with the birds… ‘. He pitched his ideas.

Initial interest from Venture Capitalists’ quickly soured as the discussion turned towards design and implementation.

In desperation he decided to get down to business. He climbed to the top of Moon towers wrapped in his prototype bat wings, assessed the wind conditions and took a leap of faith. He landed next door, the casualty ward of The Star Group multi-specialty Hospital.



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