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Life of 3.14, a book review

“Tiger training in the midst of the pacific !” I replied in return to a friends sms, asking me what I was up to on a sunday afternoon ?

 I was reading ‘Life of Pi’ written by Yan Martel, a book which according to Wiki won the Man bookers prize for fiction. I am not an avid reader, but I do hook on to the odd book now and then.

This story revolves around the Life of the protagonist, ‘Piscine Molitor Patel’ a.k.a Pi, who is from Pondicherry, India. The story starts in Pi’s childhood, the son of a zoo owner and  his experiments with practicing various religions and his faith in god. Pi loses his family in a ship wreck on its journey to Canada. Soon Pi finds himself to be the sole human survivor aboard  a lifeboat with a Royal Bengal Tiger as his companion. The tale then turns to castaway Pi’s life aboard his lifeboat and his wit to keep himself alive from being eaten by his companion, till such time as he can be rescued.With resolute faith in God Pi is determined to survive and survive he does ! Pi’s effort to survive on the Pacific has its tinge of gruesomeness, but it’s only so if one sees it in the context of ordinary human life. Seen from the point of view of a desperate castaway the gruesomeness turns into a milder understanding and compassion.

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