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“This is the last call for passengers of flight AL-107 heading to chicago…” ran the announcement on the speaker

Sue got up pulled on her jacket, picked up her hand baggage and headed towards terminal 3. She turned back for one last time, her eyes scanned till the farthest end, but the face she hoped to find alluded her sight…


“Excuse me maa’m.. kindly put on your seat belts the flight is about to take off…”  the words from the cabin crew brought her back from her mental wanderings..

As the plane roared down the tarmac.. she opened the letter Kelly had given to her.. it was from Richard..


       3 yrs have gone by and yet today it feels like life has come to an abrupt end. Prof. Walter always used to say, true art got created, when  it was molded from the soul – not from the hands. I thought it was all wistful thinking back then…

this is to you..

I know of a time,

of every minute, when the sight of your face ushered, spring in my life…

of a time, when I laughed with you..

of a time, when I fought with you..

of eternity, that your wrathful silences, weighed upon my soul…

of the hours, spent strolling the beach side with the setting sun..

of a time, when I wondered why you cared about me so much..

of the dillydallying in the coffee houses..

of the time it rained and we danced like urchin’s..

of the time,  I had you by my side to heave the heavy burden of life..

of a time, when my head accepted and my heart refused, that I would have to let you go…

I know of the stifling autumn now, baring my soul,

            when I want you by my side forever.. don’t go..


As she folded the paper and looked out the window.. the plane made its way into the cloud…