Taming the buhh-faa-looo ! :)

I had gone for lunch last weekend with my bro and a friend. Talks turned around some incidents during the childhood and engineering days. As we spoke about the cats and dogs at my native. I rembered this incident that occured during my engineering days.

It must have been a weekend or a study holiday and I was staying at my home town. I had finished my breakfast and was sitting on the veranda. My uncle murmmerd something about the buffalo being unwell and the vet refusing to come down and that he was now gonna have to take the buffalo out to the vet.

As I sat soaking the fresh air, my uncle turned up holding the buffalo’s horns with his bare hands ! The buffalo tried to get away from him but he had an iron clad grip on it ! As I tried to digest the irony… he asked me to hold the buffalo for him as he went to get something else ! Before I could grasp what he was asking me to do… the buffalo sensing its freedom ,leaped over the compound wall and ran off merrily down the road. I was stunned and ran behind it.. not knowing how to catch hold of it !

As the buffalo ran amok, a school boy was coming along the opposite direction of the road. I was half worried about the big buffalo running him down, but to my surprise he got down from his bicycle and using it as a shield stood firm against the buffalo ! The buffalo stopped as soon at it reached the blockade, it tried to get past him by passing him off from the left and the right, but the boy stood his ground and blocked the buffalo using his bicycle ! After some 2 – 3 mins of this rubgy match the buffalo gave up and the boy won.

I was amused that a school boy had outwitted me in the methods of taming the buffaaalooo ! 🙂





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