Committee Report

This is an entry for the  Friday Fictioneer‘s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Open to all , ready to rack the right side of the brains!.

The objective is to write a 100 (word limit is not rigid) word story based on a photo prompt.

I have exceeded the word limit for this story by a bit. Your comments/suggestions/critiques are welcome ! 🙂

copyright-Janet Webb

Genre: Part Fiction, Part Reality !


The Honorable President
Global Wasp Community

             The department inquiry into yesterday’s incident revealed that a boy without provocation, attacked the nest by pelting stones. To protect the nest, flying officer Shelder  stung the boy lightly. Later in retaliation, a human fumed the colony, leading to its annihilation.

               Other wasp colonies have reported explosions triggered by humans to injure and kill fellow human beings. Even the wild beast in the animal kingdom doesn’t attack unless provoked, much less kill its own kind. This has led the Department to conclude that “Humans are savages”. Any attempt to establish and improve bilateral ties with them, shall, in the view of the department be a futile exercise.

Yours Faithfully,
Head of Dept. For Human Behavior Study
Wasp Centre

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34 thoughts on “Committee Report

  1. Dear Shreyank,
    A very clever use of the prompt, layered with a sad but true commentary. I can save you one word. “Other wasp colonies…” will work better without “about”.
    All in all, I enjoyed this one very much.

  2. I like it when naturals take on the reckless more seemingly evolved species – and make very valid points.

    Thanks for your visit and support. – I wasn’t even counting…I enjoyed the whole thing. 🙂

  3. Lovely voice in this, very matter of fact. Great take. I think I’d try to avoid ‘operated as per the standard operating procedure’ – the repetition drags the reader out of the story. A great idea though. Well done.

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