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Tangled !

Animated movies especially the ones from the Hollywood closet have been my favorite even after growing up into an adult ;)! Switching through the tv channels on a lazy sunday afternoon I stopped when my eyes caught Tangled playing. Tangled is an animated movie based on the fairy tale on Rapunzel. I enjoyed this movie based on the character of the princess with very long golden hair having magical powers. The backdrop of the story is set with the princess being kidnapped by a woman who comes to know about the princess magical healing power. As in most fairy tales the princess lives high up in a secluded tower assuming the woman to be her mother. The woman convinces Rapunzel, its best that she not leave the tower as the world is filled with evil people wanting to take advantage of her magical healing hair. On her 18th birthday Rapunzel makes a request to be allowed to go see the floating lanterns which seem to come up only on her birthday but is again refused. Here we get introduced to the handsome thief who finds his way to the tower while making his escape after stealing the royal tiara. So Rapunzel bashes him with a frying pan and then bully’s him into taking her to see the floating lanterns! Well it doesn’t exactly happens that way.. ;). Anyway from here on the movie embarks on Rapunzel’s adventure with Fiyn Ryder (the thief). Of course the movie ends with them falling in love, marrying each other and Rapunzel finding out that she is actually the lost princess!

However what I liked about the movie was it was fast paced, with several twist and turns ;), generously sprinkled humorous moments all through the movie and the adventure ride ! 😉

Here are the reasons why I like an animated movie even though I realise it isn’t meant for adults!!

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“Lily hurry up.. you will be left alone if you don’t hurry up”

“I don’t wanna go mom.. ” came the reply amongst muffled sob

Anita rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her forehead, “honey its gone be ok.. Saritha aunty has promised to look after Irene” .. there was a soothing tenderness that accompanies a mother’s voice. She hoped it would pacify her daughter

“What’s the delay ? I have been waiting for you in the parking lot for about half hour, the taxi is there, if we don’t move we will miss our flight”  .. said the impatient voice from the doorstep

“Samuel she is a bit upset.. let’s give her sometime she will come down” Anita was a bit worried now, she knew Samuel was short on patience, especially when it came to dealing with what he thought was an irrational concern of a 4 year old girl. “Our vacation will be ruined if she were to keep crying all along”

Reason seemed to be the last trigger.. “You get the house keys, I will get Lily”

“Samuel..” protested Anita. But he had already climbed the stairway

“No .. I don’t wanna come.. I don’t wanna come” Anita heard the wails now growing louder and louder.

“It’s gone be ok Lily.. Now stop crying and be a good girl” thundered the voice

The wailing became more resolute “Daddy please I don’t want to go..”

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