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The Journey

This is an entry for the  Friday Fictioneer‘s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Well I am late with my entry for last week ! I couldn’t read any of the stories, will try and make amends in the coming week.


My story follows the photo prompt below

Copyright –Anelephantcant

The Journey

Mother refused to sell off the rustic bicycle. She would smile and reminiscence about the bygone.

Doggedly she had bicycled for kilometers through the village to reach school everyday. It stood as a picture of the many romantic rides with her father. She would sit on the cross bar while he would ride the bicycle, his hands protectively wrapped around her.

After his passing, Ma said it gave her the strength to carry on the journey alone. But her young daughter couldn’t understand the sentiment.

Once her mother passed away she understood the bicycle. Of the strength it gave her to carry on with the journey alone.


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I love you.. no matter what

This is an entry for the  Friday Fictioneer‘s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Open to all , ready to rack the right side of the brains!.

The objective is to write a 100 word story based on a photo prompt


My story follows the photo prompt below

copyright – Indira by way of Scott Vanatter

Go to hell” she said and marched off angrily

As he fell down by the side of the road he saw a blurry image of the lorry pass by on the other side.


 “Anita.. ” he called out feebly

Ajay, I am here. Can I have a doctor in here ?”

 “Anitaaa.. ”

 “What is it ?”

 “I love you an..nnn..d.. before the accident when I said I don’t care. I was just angry”

 “I know.” she said as she clasped his hand and had a lump in her throat


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This is an entry for the  Friday Fictioneer‘s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Open to all , ready to rack the right side of the brains!.

The objective is to write a 100 word story based on a photo prompt


I am happy this week for a couple of reasons. a.) I was able to take time out and write a story ! b.) I was able to come up with something on my own rather than rely on movies for some inspiration !

Also I am not so happy cause a.) The way I see it I am packed with work going ahead and am not sure how many other stories I will be able to read 😦 b.) My story is a 110 words. I brought it down from 130 to 110 and then left it as such.

I will try to make it to as many stories as possible. Also hope to hear from you guy as to how you found my story.

My story follows the photo prompt below


Rusty the clown was the talk of his town. Jam packed audiences resounded with laughter at his shows. Newspapers ran reviews praising his vividly entertaining performances.

With the advent of television the crowds dwindled and Rusty was sidelined.

A lot of advertising couldn’t generate a big turnout for his last show. When he jumped from the high wire onto the piano everybody laughed. They realized only when a few minutes had passed by and a pool of blood appeared.

Newspapers carried the photo of Rusty’s legs protruding out of the piano. “A suicide or an act gone wrong ?”. He had again become the talk of the town.

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A lesson in History

This is an entry for the  Friday Fictioneer‘s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Open to all , ready to rack the right side of the brains!.

The objective is to write a 100 word story based on a photo prompt.

My story follows the photo prompt below

This time I have gone way about the word limit. My apologies in advance !

Last couple of weeks haven’t been able to check many of the stories. This week I hope to do better. 🙂

Copyright – Danny Bowman

What is this grandpa?” asked Timber Pluto pointing to the picture in his Universe history book

It’s what humans call a phone. They use it to talk to each other. ”

They don’t have 3D image conferencing ?”

No, their race is in a primitive state. During the cold war era we camouflaged some our teleportation devices as payphones to send spies”

To conquer earthlings ?”

Sheesh why would we want to do that? Don’t we have enough problems of our own? We sent them to get the secret formula of this liquid they call – alcohol”

What for?”

Ahh.. emm.. I shouldn’t have told you this. It’s classified”


Okayyyy.. Supposedly it can transport the consumer to another universe”

So did we get the formula?”

Nope. Those spies after tasting alcohol decided to stay back on earth and destroyed all our teleportation devices. Enough of all this, just study what’s in the school books.. that’s enough”


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Person, Place, Thing

This story has been written as part of wordpress writing challenge.
Note: The challenge asks to go to a place observe people and write about it. I have taken a different approach and written a totally fictional story while trying to incorporate the theme of Person, Place, Thing.


         Life is part, if not entirely an accident. Where one is born, one’s family, the place of birth are all ordained by fate. Yet each individual alters the course of destiny from thereon, by asserting his/her free will, making choices.

“Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.” – Einstein.

3 months had passed by, yet it felt like a minute. She had walked into the office, winter at its peak. Signs of weariness from flying across continents barely visible on her face. Her deep eyes shone, her olive skin glowed, jet black hair flowing across her shoulders. She had a upright gait and came across as self assured. Dressed in a smart white business suit, curving around her slim waist, she looked fresh as a rose with a slender stem placed in a vase. Then again, in his delirium, she might have appeared as Aphrodite. With his more hip colleagues around, Sunil never stood a chance. But fortune smiled on him, being at the right ‘place’at the right time ! He was the first to reach office that day and showed Kyra around. Conversations grew from that day onwards, revolving around project and life. She was from Greece, passionate about art, literature and music. She lived with her heart. He more with reason. Born and brought up in India, his life circled around math, science and spirituality. As days passed formality accorded to a stranger turned into the familiarity of a friend. Weekends were spent travelling around India.

 The last weekend was reserved for the symbol of love, Taj Mahal. The project was over and she would take a late night flight back to Greece.

It was built by emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife and today stands as a symbol of love” he said. Standing in front of the magnificent white marble structure. Four marble pillars form the corners of a square surrounding the main white domed mausoleum. Beautifully landscaped garden runs out from the gate till the front of the monument.

Centuries from now time might ravage the structure but it will always stand for the most precious ‘thing’ in life – love” he said philosophically.

So Mr philosopher which one will you be prefer ? Arranged marriage, as has been the traditional way in your culture or prefer to fall in love and get married?” she asked

Well mademoiselle, either way is welcome as long as love binds the marriage!” he replied enthusiastically

So do you have somebody that you are seeing currently?” she asked with a smile.

Oh I wish” he sighed

What sort of a person would you be looking for?” she quizzed

Ah somebody like you!” he quipped and laughed out loud.

She was taken aback not knowing what to make out of it “That might be difficult. God created me uniquely” she said, crossing her right feet behind her left and taking a theatrical bow.

There was an awkward pause and then he spoke slowly looking into her eyes “Then I guess my search for that ‘person’ is over”.

Friday Fictioneer – Treasure Hunt

This is another entry for the  Friday Fictioneer‘s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Open to all , ready to rack the right side of the brains!.

The objective is to write a 100 word story based on a photo prompt.

From Scott Vanatter with permission-Copyright- Indira

Genre: Fiction

Treasure Hunt

Alright everybody open the clue. Whoever cracks it first takes home the prize !” said Anita

             ‘The treasure awaits in a casket, with a stout stranger, partially bald, a

               loner, brown in colour. He is in love with Aphrodite and tries reaching

                 out to her in heaven.’

Ram saw the tree and was off in a flash. He found a neatly wrapped box under the tree.

His eyes lit up with anticipation as he opened the box only to find a note – ‘April Fool !’

I’m gonna kill you Anita” screamed Ram and dashed towards her.

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Friday Fictioneer – Hope & Faith

This is another entry for the  Friday Fictioneer‘s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Open to all , ready to rack the right side of the brains!.

The objective is to write a 100 word story based on a photo prompt.

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 103 (oops! 2 times in a row)

Hope & Faith

In the muggle world..

….. Haggers’ managed to shoot down the burglars, but lost their lives. The night of the crime, witnessed a heavy thunderstorm…. Kelly Ronnel reporting live….”


At the ministry of magic, the Minister addressed his assembly.

Nature deprived humans of magic, but made up by endowing them with hope and faith. Wizards were entrusted to protect nature’s source of hope and faith, the two lamps. The thunderstorm was a dark magic spell, that prevented any assistance from the ministry, to the Aurors. Fortunately the lamps, remain in the realm of the earth. Without it humanity would have lost the will to live.”

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Diary Entry – 2

April 22,

Dear Diary,

My last entry took a lot out of me. I ended it abruptly as I couldn’t carry on writing any further. I was exhausted not by the labour of my writing, but in re-living the events as I wrote them to you. It’s intriguing to observe that the state of one’s mind takes a greater toll on the body rather than actual physically excruciating toil. What’s fascinating is that this law is bi directional. The happier one’s state of mind, the more healthier and energetic the body feels despite a hard day’s work !

Today I am writing to you on a merrier note. Continue reading Diary Entry – 2

Diary Entry

14th Feb,

Dear Diary,

Its been a while since I confided in you and today I decided to redeem myself. In life’s myriad experiences there are some so scary, heart breaking, that even a casual remembrance is enough to shake the foundation of one’s existence and thus one decides to take such things; to one’s grave. The burden of such a decision tends to weigh heavy on one’s heart and mind leading to a turbulent existence. Such has been the fate in my lot for the past months or so and yet there I was hoping for a silver lining. Today the veil has come down and I clearly see my folly. Not that I didn’t realize it from the beginning, just that I chose to ignore it. A young girl can’t be blamed for dreaming a bit, can she ?

Green you know is my favorite color. Red may symbolize love universally, but for me its a grim reminder of all the blood shed, anger and the likes of the world. Green on the other hand brings about the picturesque view of nature’s beauty, of prosperity, it’s easy on the eyes and for me green symbolizes love .. maybe love is too strong a word .. I don’t know what it was, but his green eyes attracted my attention the first time I saw him. It was as if they were made of emerald. I had reached an hour earlier to office that day.. as an intern I wanted to make a good impression. He smiled as he entered the office, I smiled back and he walked away to his cubicle. For the next few days I kept a vigil and as the clock stuck 10 he entered the office. I didn’t have a means to talk to this stranger in my office, he didn’t work in my team, the exchange of smiles though became a routine. He dropped in with clock work precision, as the clock sounded 10 he would enter the door, at sharp 6 in the evening he stepped out. I suspected whether he was a bit eccentric in nature obsessed with punctuality. I never saw him around the cafeteria during lunch hour neither did my wish of bumping into him during a tea break ever materialize. Again I wondered whether he was an introvert, a workaholic who kept to himself.

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“Lily hurry up.. you will be left alone if you don’t hurry up”

“I don’t wanna go mom.. ” came the reply amongst muffled sob

Anita rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her forehead, “honey its gone be ok.. Saritha aunty has promised to look after Irene” .. there was a soothing tenderness that accompanies a mother’s voice. She hoped it would pacify her daughter

“What’s the delay ? I have been waiting for you in the parking lot for about half hour, the taxi is there, if we don’t move we will miss our flight”  .. said the impatient voice from the doorstep

“Samuel she is a bit upset.. let’s give her sometime she will come down” Anita was a bit worried now, she knew Samuel was short on patience, especially when it came to dealing with what he thought was an irrational concern of a 4 year old girl. “Our vacation will be ruined if she were to keep crying all along”

Reason seemed to be the last trigger.. “You get the house keys, I will get Lily”

“Samuel..” protested Anita. But he had already climbed the stairway

“No .. I don’t wanna come.. I don’t wanna come” Anita heard the wails now growing louder and louder.

“It’s gone be ok Lily.. Now stop crying and be a good girl” thundered the voice

The wailing became more resolute “Daddy please I don’t want to go..”

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