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now let me know [dot] com

So there was this guy and he wanted to propose to this beautiful gal. He went to the flower shop and brought some roses, next he stopped at the chocolate shop and brought some chocolates. He then wrote a letter and dropped the package at her door step. Rang the doorbell ! and ran away. She opened the door and picked his package. She  looked around as far as she could to see who it was that had rung the bell. When she couldn’t see anybody she closed the door and went inside.

The boy kept wondering if she had read the letter or what she felt ! But he could never know !

None of us want to be that boy ! do we ? Only to be left in agony and pain. 

The way out – Usher in technology !

Want an innovative way to pop the question.. “Do you love me ?”

Act cocky.. “Whose your Daddy ?”

An interesting website built by my friend let’s you do that ! Here in the link.

The fun part is the person you send the question to cannot press No ! Just register in a few easy steps.. upload a background image, customize the question and the answers and have fun.

The add-on, the website doesn’t leave you wondering if the person opened the link, which option did they try to press first etc. Once the person opens the link and tries to press Yes/No or any of the customized messages. The website stores all the info which can be viewed in your user profile.

Whether it’s your loved one, a friend, or a sibling.. you can use the website to have fun ! Go on try it out !  http://nowletmeknow.com/

Those of you who try it out,  let me know your feedback.



Thank You Facebook !

I am writing this post after a long long hiatus. In fact I had to reset my password to get access to my blog.

The title of the post needs no introduction at least among Gen Y. Having a facebook account has become a  way of life of sorts. As Facebook turned a decade old I remembered my humble beginings with it. I had an account with Orkut but never bothered much about Facebook. I got a couple of request back then to join Facebook but  laziness or otherwise I never felt interested.

I was not into the whole facebook thing up until the time one of my good friends went to US for higher studies. When this friend put up pictures and sent a invite and that’s when I opened an account to check those pics. But soon enough I was hooked to all the lik ‘ing and comment’ ing.

Now, a day doesn’t go by without me checking out my facebook page. Of course I must say I am not an addict. I rarely spend more than 5 mins a day. I just scroll down the page reading the updates, liking the photos and commenting where I feel like and that’s it ! I often wonder how people spend hours go up and down the wall page 😉 :).

My best friend and myself have argued over the merits and demerits of it. At times we felt the most intimates moments meant to be private were put up for display, we argued whether keeping in touch over fb at all gave a continuum to the relationship/friendship and at times we just laughed at the ludicrous updates we saw coming up on our page. All in all the topic definetly gave us something to chat over ! 🙂

The other day when I accepted a friend request,  I clicked through some of the fb movie links that were shared, some of them had come out really well, potraying the life time of friends and family members. I went through the photos that I had put up, the photos that my friends had tagged me in and it put a smile on my face. It transported me to the wonderful moments spent with family members and friends in my life. Recollection of incidents long forgotten, buried deep in the subconscious re surfaced. Some of the friendly banter on status updates and pics of a by gone era were fun to re read and it made me feel that the medium had indeed connected people and allowed for true friendship’s to continue surpassing the barriers of geographies and time zones. Of course our friend list might run in 100’s, maybe some in 1000’s or 10000’s. Do we really know each of them well enough one might ask ? But that’s not the point. Ultimately what matters, is it allows us to keep in touch with those who matter :).

Of course true friendship can span across all barriers for such relationships are formed unconditionally. Best buddies may not be able to connect for months at a time but the very next time they pick up the call it feels as if the void of time and space never existed. I am sure many would agree to having experienced this in the their own life :). Friendship is one of those blessed things in life that money can’t buy. It can’t be forcefully accquired, it can be given of its own accord.

So as Facebook turns a decade old I guess I have to thank it for helping me keep in touch with those whom I care about but are now seperated by the barrier of time and space. 🙂