The Journey

This is an entry for the  Friday Fictioneer‘s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Well I am late with my entry for last week ! I couldn’t read any of the stories, will try and make amends in the coming week.


My story follows the photo prompt below

Copyright –Anelephantcant

The Journey

Mother refused to sell off the rustic bicycle. She would smile and reminiscence about the bygone.

Doggedly she had bicycled for kilometers through the village to reach school everyday. It stood as a picture of the many romantic rides with her father. She would sit on the cross bar while he would ride the bicycle, his hands protectively wrapped around her.

After his passing, Ma said it gave her the strength to carry on the journey alone. But her young daughter couldn’t understand the sentiment.

Once her mother passed away she understood the bicycle. Of the strength it gave her to carry on with the journey alone.


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6 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Dear Shreyank,

    It’s amazing how simple objects take on a special meaning when attached to those that loved them, isn’t it? I have some things that belonged to my parents that I wouldn’t take a king’s ransom for.
    Lovely story. I could feel the father’s arms around his little girl.



    1. Hi Rochelle thanks for stopping by… my story mislead you a bit.. and that’s something I was expecting when I wrote it myself.. so my bad here.. re wrote it and hope it makes it more clearer 🙂 In the story I wanted to convey that the bicycle belonged to her mother and the daughter couldn’t understand her mother’s attachment to the bicycle till she loses her mother.

      But you still got what I was trying to convey and am happy you liked it.. yes indeed when the person is no longer there their belongings take their place.

  2. Glad you made it, Shreyank, and that I saw your link. I’m glad the girl understands her mom a bit better now and will be able to benefit from the strength her mom showed.


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