Friday Fictioneer – Hope & Faith

This is another entry for the  Friday Fictioneer‘s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Open to all , ready to rack the right side of the brains!.

The objective is to write a 100 word story based on a photo prompt.

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 103 (oops! 2 times in a row)

Hope & Faith

In the muggle world..

….. Haggers’ managed to shoot down the burglars, but lost their lives. The night of the crime, witnessed a heavy thunderstorm…. Kelly Ronnel reporting live….”


At the ministry of magic, the Minister addressed his assembly.

Nature deprived humans of magic, but made up by endowing them with hope and faith. Wizards were entrusted to protect nature’s source of hope and faith, the two lamps. The thunderstorm was a dark magic spell, that prevented any assistance from the ministry, to the Aurors. Fortunately the lamps, remain in the realm of the earth. Without it humanity would have lost the will to live.”

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30 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneer – Hope & Faith

  1. I’m not a HP fan so maybe I’m just confused, but why do you say “humans” were deprived of magic rather than “muggles”? Like others, I enjoyed the symbolism of the two lamps – the importance of hope and faith shouldn’t be underestimated

    1. yes i could have used the term muggles there. i think i wrote humans because i wasn’t sure if muggles came out in a derogatory tone. Since the minister of magic was amicable while referring to non magical people i used humans ! I think maybe i did too much of thinking on this one 🙂 thanks for reading 🙂

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