Friday Fictoneer – The Passage

This is my first entry for Friday Fictioneer. The objective to write a 100 word story based on a photo prompt. I was a bit confused as to which was the latest photo prompt. I hope the below photo prompt is the latest. So here goes ! Comments/Suggestions/Criticism are welcome !

Copyright – Lora Mitchell

Genre – Fiction

Word Count – 100

The Passage

Lily woke up startled, her heart palpitating, by the thud on her front door.

She tried reaching the glass of water by her bedside but at her age even a minuscule task assumed a herculean proportion.

As she lay in bed trying to calm her weary heart, she looked over the window sill.

The head lamps and tail lights of moving vehicles created the illusion of a flowing river.

As her eyes stretched over the far end of the horizon, the glow of the light dimmed, her heart stilled and she felt being drawn into a tunnel of deep stupor.


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26 thoughts on “Friday Fictoneer – The Passage

    1. Thanks Rochelle.. really excited about having found ff.. was travelling for the weekend.. over the coming days planning to read the stories of other members !

  1. Welcome to Friday Fictioneers! I loved your interpretation of the cars turning into a river. I’m left wondering who was at the door, though. Was it Death? Does he normally knock? See you next week 😀

    1. Haha.. id din’t think much abt that part of the story.. though some of you have thrown a nice angle to it as to whether it was death at the door ! 🙂 thanks for reading the story !

  2. Oh my – a little too calm. I wonder what was banging on her door? I think the way she loses interest in that puzzle is very effective – she just doesn’t have enough strength left to worry about it.

  3. I’m glad you decided you join us. Like Bjorn said, it can be somewhat of an addiction. Nice story, and judging from the comments you gave us enough to be curious while leaving plenty to our own imaginations. Well done.

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