Diary Entry – 2

April 22,

Dear Diary,

My last entry took a lot out of me. I ended it abruptly as I couldn’t carry on writing any further. I was exhausted not by the labour of my writing, but in re-living the events as I wrote them to you. It’s intriguing to observe that the state of one’s mind takes a greater toll on the body rather than actual physically excruciating toil. What’s fascinating is that this law is bi directional. The happier one’s state of mind, the more healthier and energetic the body feels despite a hard day’s work !

Today I am writing to you on a merrier note. The day didn’t start with any such promise in sight, but life’s events at times gloomy – at times joyful, makes one wonder at the invisible hand behind it all. Nature has been my first love. Ever since I was a child, I got soiled working with my mom in our garden. We had an Earth day event planned at the office today. Ordinarily I would have jumped at the first chance to be a part of the organizing committee, but with my heart shredded, I didn’t care what happened to Nature or the whole of human race for that matter. Roya tried hard to convince me to be on the committee – “if not for the cause.. then just for the boss.. get on the committee.. its been months now its time to let go and move on.. you didn’t even know him”. But I refused to budge neither to the voice of reason nor to my friends sympathetic appeals. Yesterday evening she called me with a threatening tone asking me to be there for the tree planting ceremony. She had nominated my name in the volunteers list. “I have asked Ran to accompany you for the tree planting and you better show up if you value your life”. I didn’t seem to value my life at that point in time but I still valued my friendship with Roya and promised to be there.

I dragged myself out of bed early in the morning and took a cab towards the park. Ran was waiting for me by the time I reached the park. I asked him where the others were and he told me that we where the only team for this venue. After Ran had dug the soil with his trowel and planted the sapling, he asked me to come check out the lake on the edge of the park. Ran’s words turned out to be true. It was a beautiful lake with a little island in the middle having a huge tree climbing up to the sky. As I stood soaking in the beauty of the nature, Ran pulled out a bonsai tree from behind his back and presented it to me. It took me by surprise, he said it was because he had seen me gloomy for the past month. As we walked back Ran paused for a moment, heaved a deep breath and then let the cat out of the bag! “.. in college we seemed to have lived in two different worlds.. we hardly spoke to each other in spite of walking into the same classroom.. during this internship we have got to know each other as friends .. next week our internship gets over and I wanted to let you know how I felt about you.. of course Roya helped..”. I flew into a rage when I heard Roya had set me up on this. I told Ran I needed some space to clear my head out. I ran leaving Ran behind seeking Roya out.

I had a big fight with her on the office roof. I yelled at the top of my voice, thankfully my lungs didn’t give away.
“.. of all the people you knew exactly what I have been going through… and still you did this to me.. for your sake I got out early in the morning and went there..”
“Yes I am the only person in the world apart from your stupid diary who knows exactly what you have been going through. Hence when Ran came to me I felt this could be the best thing that could happen to you. He is a nice guy.. you know.  Annie you are not a kid.. Stop crying over that green lantern and look at whats in front of you…” and so went the yelling

As it is goes, I thought about it long and hard and finally asked Ran to come meet me for lunch. At lunch I gave him – a pair of green colored contact eye lenses !


2 thoughts on “Diary Entry – 2

  1. Maga a mysterious ending?! or did i skip reading something! nice one! 🙂 waiting for the entry 3! 🙂

    1. Na Vaszy this will be the last entry. She gives him green contact lens signifying that she accepted his proposal 🙂 !! Also in the starting she says she is writing on a happier note signifying that something nice has happened in her life ! 🙂 I left the ending that way hoping the user would deduce the ending ! 🙂 Thanks for reading Vaszy 🙂

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