A cyclonic experience – 25th May 2009

wat could possibly be different.. it was an ordinary Monday morning… didn’t wanna go to office .. but then like the 100 other Monday’s when i have woken up and wished it wasn’t Monday 😦 but found no alternative n had to pack myself to office… i convinced myself a day spent at office ain’t gone be so bad !! :)so away i went…
it was drizziling a little .. a welcome relief i thought some respite from the schorching heat !! :)reached office ..was happy i had gotten up early not been lazy !! it had started raining cats n dogs by the time i had secured myself inside the four walls of the office :)!!!

mother nature it seemed to have suddenly woken up n in her playful pranks probably wanted to play holi !! 🙂
i felt really happy watching through the glass window.. the sprawling salt lake behind me !! 🙂 serene and beautiful 🙂 with the wind creating the waves and ripples in the water.. the lake had put on the illusion of being a desert !! 🙂

an hour later my colleagues reached off and by then the sky had cracked open !! and the wind god had unleashed his fury!! the lake had got transformed into a ocean rather than a calm desert !! n dat is wen i overheard my colleagues discuss about AILA hitting Kolkata !! n yet i didn’t understand them fully!!

later on my roomie working in the same office called me at arnd 12 and asked if i was ready to pack the bags for home !! amazed i asked him wat for n realized as he explained the outside fury was no ordinary rain but a cyclone supposed to hit bengal !! we brave boys decided to stick on n carry on our duties !! 😉 haha !! actually we just went n had our lunch !! a big queue wit everybody in office deciding to stay inside !! nobody dared to go out !!

the cyclone had torn off the plastic roof from building and had knocked down the iron shutter at the other block !! it was scary as the debris started flying down the floor ! and the wind created a ferocious loud racket as it tried with all its might to rip off the roof !! and blow away anything that stood in its way.. post lunch it was pretty clear that everybody wanted to pack their bags and go home.. my roomie came to my desk asking to pack up for the day .. but as fades wud have it there was a critical ticket which popped up at the very moment .. so started the running arnd ! as i told my roomate to hang on for 15 mins more i got scrambling to get the job done ! we finsihed the thing and came out n for me for the first time in the day it was time for reality check !!

huge trees had comes crashing on their knees and the roads had got blocked… everywhere people were scurrying for their home.. all arnd u cud see hordes of people like ants pouring out from every direction your eyes could see.. buses where filled with people overflowing !! we cudn’t get buses at the bus stop nearest to our work place and so we decided to start walking towards the next stop to try n catch a bus… fortunes didn’t seem to change as the buses were filled with no scope of getting into them.. luckily we saw a bus with some gap n got into it…cramped to the max with people putting their elbows in my eyes, stomach, nose well u guys get the picture !! me and roomie got down at a junction near to our home..and started walking the rest of the way !!it was raining and the winds i m sure was strong enough to have blown away a skinny person !! 😉 !! the met dept guys predicted winds at arnd 90 kmph !!
completely drenched and exhausted by all the scampering arnd we made it to our home :)the rest of the guys were already there !! 🙂

the entire thing though made me think how the families living in the slums wud be spending this night 😦 if the wind and rain wud leave anything that they cud salvage something out of .. saw pictures of taxis being crushed by trees on news channels … imagined how the guys life wud have changed today .. his entire livelihood depended on this car in which he probably spent more time than in his home..read the newspaper the next day and was sad to read a story that a mother and her son 33 years old where sitting in an auto and a huge tree fell on the auto and killed the boy on spot while the mother was untouched…:(

they wudn’t have imagined wen they slept the day b4 dat mother nature wud enact such a cruel fate.. n that life for some of us wont remain the same hereafer ..mayb its just life’s way of saying… though not in the most polished way dat make the most out of today !! for 2mrw is something u never know 🙂 life is short .. so we ought to enjoy the fullest of today and not wait expecting for 2mrw 🙂


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